Many vendors make the mistake of not paying enough attention to the investigation process. They do not understand how much influence this step can have on their results. The establishment of a mutual understanding with the client through personalized conversations and the use of the information provided will greatly simplify the presentation of only those vehicles in which they are really interested. It will also strengthen your trust in you and help close the deal. Learn to be a competent researcher.

These skills will be useful for the rest of your sales career.

Council car dealer’s First tip: build a relationship the first step in any investigation is to build a relationship with your customer. This is as easy as a brief conversation before starting to operate. Your lifestyle, work, hobbies and other interests will influence your decision to buy a car and what type of car you buy. Try to find a common interest or hobby and develop it. If you and your client have young children, talk about it. He can be an avid fisherman; attractone by asking about recent trips. Avoid potential conflicts without discussing any taboo issues, such as politics or religion. Such topics are a sure way to interrupt the conversation. You do not need to spend a lot of time to know your client, just make sure it is deep enough to understand your personality and your life to facilitate the mike’s auto sales in salinas.

Car sales training Tip two: What’s the point? Research really serves the purpose, and important. Throughout the investigation, you will collect information that you can use when creating a presentation. In addition, your client will feel more comfortable with you and is more likely to have faith and confidence in what sells them. Finally, since you have a good understanding, you have made the correct presentation and your client trusts you, it is much more likely to close the sale.

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Council car dealers: third tip: how to conduct an investigation. Listen to your customers and be sure to listen to their words. The main mistake made during the investigation is that you understand what they say. Take the time to make sure you hear them correctly. Also, sit down and look at them. See where they stop and why. Use this information to adapt your sales launch to them.


The research part of the sales process may be one of the most tedious, but also one of the most important. Learn to use good research skills to understand what your client wants and wants. Create a mutual understanding to simplify the presentation, gain confidence and complete the transaction. Use simple tactics such as observing, listening, questioning and tracking to facilitate research. A thorough investigation is the key to increasing sales.