There are many people across the world who are fighting with the weight lossissues. In this article, we will be discussing the term compraroxandrolona. This is actually a steroidanabolic which will help you to grow the tissue of the muscles. If you are going through any surgery and then you have regained your weight then this will help you to reduce your weight. You have to face from trauma or some type of minor infection while using this. You can also keep yourself healthy for any medical related issues. Actually, the weight of muscles reduces not only this is you have the tendency of bone pain you can use this. Some doctor also guides you about this for medication.

gain weight issues

After results

If you are already taking this drug which is man-made steroid then there are side effects of it. Tough it is good to reduce weight. On the other hand, it is risky also. Some of the effects by using it are as follows:

  • Muscle loss is caused by using this. The steroid medicine also has side effects on blood vessels, liver etc.
  • The people who can’t handle the health or gain weight issues then this medicine is used them
  • Some diseases like prostate cancer, kidney disease, breast cancer etc can also occur before taking this medicine.
  • The kidney types of diseases are also used from this medicine. You can also use this as a drug to cure the cancer of the prostate.

Not only this the failure of heart or kidney can also be put in risk. Even excess use of it can lead you to death related problems.


People want to stay fit and slim for that they do whatever is possible. One of them that is possible to lose your weight is comprar oxandrolona. This is a drug mostly used by a bodybuilder, celebritiesor athletics has received negative as well as the positive response from the people. Some of the countries also banned this product. There is a diet before using this you should flow. It is also risky for people who have a heavy dose.Some symptoms are like a failure of liver, stroke, death etc occur by this. So be aware what to do. And not forget to consult with the doctor and ask them about the risks and benefits of it.