If one wants a downloader that is universal to all the multimedia websites, then Vidmate is one of them. This app can help downloading from multiple websites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Torrentz, Metacafe and others. It has certain unique advantage that others do not have.

Unique features of universal downloader

A universal video downloader is desired to have the following features:-

  • It must be lean and should not consume much space.
  • It must be able to fetch videos from multiple websites.
  • It must be able to operate from more than one website simultaneously.
  • It must be able to fetch without queueing.

How can it save space in smartphones?

Often we see our mobile devices falling short of having the required amount of space. Thus at vital times, we fail to save a photo or a video since there is no space left. Often it is found that several downloaders dedicated to one website takes up a lot of space, both individually and together. For example, the YouTube downloader can fetch videos from YouTube only and not the other websites. To keep all of them becomes necessary in the absence of a common downloading app, and they cumulatively make the smartphone go slow!


A universal and common app can get the videos and songs desired from across many multimedia websites. It can get all the different kinds of files and formats in which the videos exist over the internet. Being a single app, it also saves the space taken up by so many different downloader apps at the same time.

Compatibility a big challenge

The biggest hurdle for a common downloader app is to be able to fetch all types of possible videos from all the websites that are there to entertain us. The videos and downloads should not get stuck up just because of the file format.Many such universal video downloaders have been tried so far and a lot of them are still around. Only a few of them can ensure the ease of downloading with the speed desired so that we get to see our wished songs, teasers and even the whole of a film faster without much delay which can in fact kill the fun!

Among the ones that are there, Vidmate is perhaps the best! It helps in fast downloading across all possible multimedia websites that exist till date and being a lean app itself, does not consume much space in the smartphone hard disk as well!