Some of us might be single in the past couple of years and it is safe to assume that a lot of us (singles) have tried using dating apps or are still using it up to this day while some have their own online dating accounts, but many have noticed that dating apps have more benefits compared to the latter and we have listed down the benefits and advantages of it.

A lot of people who tried both a dating app and online dating site have said that the former is more efficient than the latter. Aside from efficiency, its user interface and the overall design of dating apps versus a dating website is more appealing and has a very friendly user interface making it very convenient at the same time, also, it is always available to everyone considering that it is designed to run on smartphones and it also has different features that suit people who have different approaches when it comes to dating.

There is a suitable dating app for everyone out there which dating sites cannot provide all of it for everyone and for many people, they have met different persons and matches that they have interacted through dating app compared to a dating site.

To further back our claims that dating apps are better than online dating sites, here is the list of benefits that we have gathered.

Dating apps

  1. CONVENIENT- It’s faster, and more efficient compared to an online dating site. Why? In an online dating site, you have to wait if the person that you’ve liked on the other end is online and unlike a dating app, where you can leave a message which will automatically notify the person that you’ve liked via a text message or via a notification on their phone that they have matched someone, or somebody has liked them based on the profile that they created. Isn’t it fast? It’s efficient because the people that you’ve liked will receive a notification in their phones which makes it easy for them to notice and respond immediately.
  2. CONNECTIVITY- This means that you have the chance to meet people who are your mutual friends in other social media accounts. If you happen to have friends that are hooked up with Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, the dating app will notify you or give you a hint that these people are also connected with the mentioned social media platforms making it easy for you to establish a stronger way to communicate with them if ever you decide to like their profiles and want to talk to them.
  3. EASY TO MEET PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE SAME INTEREST- Since online dating apps let you choose and display your interests, your hobbies, and other stuff that makes you think to a particular person that you’ve liked that both of you have a lot in common. This means that dating apps compared to online dating sites is easier to vet people.
  4. EXCLUSIVITY- In dating apps, you will not get creepy messages from random people who just scrolled through an online dating site and found your profile, in dating apps, only people that you’ve matched or liked can send your message. This is to protect your privacy and also to create exclusivity which adds a more special tone to you and the person that you’ve liked.