A gateway between you and internet to get website access is called proxy server. This server will separate the end users from the website access. Proxy servers provide functionalities like security and privacy depending on the needs and company policy. When you use a proxy server, the request flows through the proxy server from its way to address the requested system. The request replies back from the same proxy server that forwards the data to the same website. Proxy server acts as the firewall that keeps the user and the internet protected from the bad stuff in the internet world. Proxy servers are good in providing the highest level of privacy.


Every computer will need an IP address to get communicated over internet. The correct data can be sent to the right computer only through this IP address. Similarly proxy server is basically a server that acts over the internet with its IP address. The IP address is visible to every internet user. With the access to proxy browser, when you send a request, the request will go through the proxy server first. As you send the request, your IP address will be masked from the end user visibility.

Reasons to use proxy server

  • Control internet usage of employees and children – Mostly organizations setup proxy servers for controlling access to certain websites and to monitor the web requests made by the employees during the company time. This will deny access to specific site and also cease your search. Same is done for blocking access to specific site for the kids to get internet usage.
  • Improve speed and the bandwidth saving – Organizations can make the overall network performance with right proxy server. The same site can help you access the site from saved cache data that saves bandwidth and also increases the speed of the site with the network performance.
  • Privacy – Since your IP address will not be revealed while surfing, you can search with privacy towards the web request content.
  • Security – Since the network access is done through proxy server, there is no access towards companies’ external remote users. They can have secured connection.
  • Access to the blocked resources – With access to proxy browser, an individual can gain access to all the resources that are even blocked in that certain region. There is not restriction and can access the proxy server data.